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Sarah’s Bakehouse, lovingly named after his mother, was founded by Joshua John Gaor in November 2019 in a little home garage. He baked for family and friends, testing well loved recipes that reminded him of what his mother used to bake for their little family when he was younger. 

He remembers what the best ensaymada, his favorite egg pie or cheese rolls used to taste like so he brought them back to life in each recipe he develops so everyone can share in the best parts of his childhood he can remember.

Filipino culture, at heart, is always centered around food. We remember our mothers first, their unique ways of making household favorites or when they treated us as kids on our birthdays or special occasions to the local bakery for merienda. 

Sarah’s egg pie is one of our best sellers. Everyone has their own memory about the best egg pie they ever tasted -- it has a crunchy outer crust, a creamy rich custard center that reminds you of leche flan, and a chewy bottom layer that combines the sweet and savory flavors with a perfect mix of textures. It’s the best thing to have with coffee or hot chocolate after a stressful day and it reminds you of the best days you had growing up.

What keeps people coming back? You can taste the quality. It tastes homemade because everything you order is made fresh daily with ingredients with lovingly recreated recipes.

Today, from the one man baker he used to be at home, he now has a team of bakers who help prepare each order fresh daily. When he’s not helping out in the commissary, he focuses on product research and development, chasing after that nostalgic flavor of the best parts of his childhood so he can share it with everyone today and help families make new memories with classic favorites they grew up with.

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